You can now pay for your Custom Built Systems by Debit / Credit Card.

Please read the following information carefully as it contains details of the several different ways you can pay for any purchases (including Custom Built Systems) you may wish to make from LWC.

Payment by Cheque (still the preferred way by many customers)
You can email your request to purchase any product offered for sale from our E-Commerce Retail Shop or email confirmation of any Custom Built System or Upgrade (quoting your LWC Quote Reference Code) you may wish to buy. Let us know that payment will be by cheque and as soon as we receive 'clearance' from our bank that the money has been deposited, we will deliver your purchased item(s) to your door.

Please go to our Help Page if you require a quote for any Computer system or hardware component or if you require any support or help with any of our products or services. Just complete the electronic form and submit your query to us and we will reply to you by email or phone at our earliest opportunity.

Credit / Debit Card Payment (via the very secure PayPal)
Buying pre-priced products from our E-Commerce Retail Shop could not be easier - just click onto the 'Add to Basket' and follow the on-screen instructions. Purchasing Custom Built Products can now also be done via this method. When you email us at LWC to confirm a purchase from a LWC Quote, please include a short note informing us that you wish to pay for your order via Credit / Debit Card. We will then email you confirming your request and we will enter your unique LWC Quote Reference Code in the box below. We will again inform you by email when your personal Reference Code has been entered into this box and all you have to do is just click on the 'Add to Basket' when details of your purchased product(s) along with the agreed price, will be available for you to either accept or reject.

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Not that we like to blow our own trumpet ...

but our computer systems are awfully good !!

For customers requiring a Pre-Built Computer  Systems, Components or Peripherals,  contact us via our HELP PAGE or view some examples  ONLINE CATALOGUE

LWC Computer Systems and Upgrades are built using quality hardware components from various world renown manufacturers.

Quality Custom Built Computers Systems for Business and Home users. Computer System Upgrades and Repairs.   Computer Network Installation and Maintenance.

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